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Life Safety Evaluation

A Fire Life Safety Evaluation [LSE] is part of Ordinance 19-4 (authored and passed by the City Council of Honolulu) is able to be performed by residential condominium buildings.

This is an 'alternative' to the mandated installation of a water based fire protection system. Buildings of '8 floors or more are subject to the Ordinance.  

An LSE is optional, but must be submitted by May 3, 2021 to the Honolulu Fire Department City and County of Honolulu. The LSE is not expected to 'pass'. Corrections to deficiencies need to be completed by May 3, 2024.

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Recommendations and Solutions

Recommendations to correct deficiencies and bring the building into compliance will be prepared by our Fire and Life Safety team.

Every one of the 19 categories found on the Fire Life Safety Evaluation Form is related to one or more Building Codes and Fire Codes found in the International Building Code as adopted by the State of Hawaii and by ordinance 19-4, incorporating several National Fire Protection regulations that are included into the ordinance.

Analysing the Numbers

Construction and Management

A construction partner will develop a budget for the corrective recommendations and submit the architectural and engineering drawings for the required building permits necessary as well as provide the labor and construction management. 



Fire LIfe Saftey is a team approach to responding to the Fire Life Saftey Evaluations for residential condominium buildings. 


Randy Trager - Building Engineer, Architectural Design, Permitting Specialist


John Whitaker - RWD, Architect

AMKO - General Contractor


Click on pdf Icon to view experiences.

Click on pdf Icon to view experiences




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