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The HPPD has established all condos and townhouse buildings to be 'commercial' structures.

Thus, the permitting rules for such structures follow a very different and a much more comprehensive set of information requirements compared to single family homes [residential].


All commercial plan sets are required to be stamped and signed by an architect.

Additionally, Electrical work i.e. new circuits [low voltage or 120VAC], new breakers, relocation of electrical panels with respect to common areas and/or individual apartments will require Electrical Engineer signature & stamp for all electrical drawings.

Same is true for Mechanical work i.e. exhaust ducts, ventilation ducts, water piping, drain piping and vent piping, or any fan - motor related work with respect to common areas and/or individual apartments will require Mechanical Engineer signature & stamp.

Fire Alarm Systems Design will be provided by factory fire alarm system designers and subject to Electrical Engineer review, signature, & stamp.


All work is to be performed by a class B or better general contractor.

Trade work is to be performed by sub-contractors properly licensed for their trade.

Also, the rules used by the HPPD plan reviewers to perform their reviews has changed over the last 3 years. I.E. they are more focused on particulars of codes being properly represented in the architect prepared drawings. Today we need to show more detailed descriptions of the intended work. Electrical reviewers are very keen to make comments on the electrical details found on all sheets of the plan set. 

Also, a major change from Mayor Caldwell in November 2018 is the limiting of reviews to 2 only. If any of the comments cannot be addressed properly on the 2nd submission, then the plans can be totally rejected -- meaning we have to start over with a new submission. In the Mayor's own words:  "Properly and completely prepared plans will be rewarded with faster review times from the department".  We have found this to be true throughout 2019 & 2020.

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