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Planning The Work

Project Planning and Monitoring Progress for any remodeling work is the smart way to implement the overall project.

We use the 'Critical Path' method for project planning.

We can use this for relatively small projects as it has many features useful to managers to keep an eye on both progress and if the work is staying on budget. Both of these items are achievable if 'change orders' are either 'none' or at least very minimal. 

As project architect and job planner we believe it is always best to 'get all of the parts into the box'. Plans and specifications that are skimpily prepared always leads to irritating change orders, significant slow downs, unexpected cost increases, ending ultimately in the final comment 'well we got the job done -- but, nobody is happy'.

Thus, spending a proper amount of time up front and not rushing this work does pave the way for a smoother running project. True, things will happen along the way...but the better the up front efforts for planning might be then it will ensure timely resolutions of stumbling blocks.

Click on the pdf Icon to see a page from a 'critical path' project plan for a fairly significant remodel project of 45 apartments within 8 separate buildings.

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