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What are the timelines?


  1. Hold the special meeting as soon as possible to take the required VOTE of the population of unit owners to ‘OPT OUT OF FIRE SPRINKLER INSTALLATION’  and to perform the Life Safety Evaluation. Ordinance 19-4 requires this vote to be an official vote following the voting rules of the building’s association of owners for a binding vote. The documentation of this vote then becomes an integral addendum to the LSE.

  2. Contract to perform the LSE for your building so it can be completed and submitted to the Honolulu Fire Department by May 3rd 2021.  Allow 5 - 9 weeks for this work to be completed depending upon the architect’s workload.

  3. The building’s board of directors will then need to vote to accept the  LSE as prepared for their building. Note: the final rendition of the prepared LSE will require architect stamp and signature.

  4. The approved LSE will be submitted to the Honolulu Fire Department prior to or no later than May 3rd 2021 to be compliant.

  5. Once the LSE is completed then architect and other types of drawings and specifications will be prepared to generate ‘bid documents’ to perform corrections to the identified deficiencies listed in the LSE.  Allow 6 – 10 weeks for the preparation of these construction drawings depending upon complexity.

  6. Once the bid construction drawings & specifications are prepared and accepted by the building’s board of directors then these can be circulated for bid. Instructions to bidders is to return their bid within 30 calendar days.

  7. Contractor bids will be reviewed for completeness by architect. Deficient bids will be identified. The building’s board of directors are to follow up bids as they choose. Note: Contractor is required to supply a project critical path performance plan as part of their bid to monitor their velocity of work.

  8. Upon acceptance of a successful bidder and the contract price, the final preparation of ‘building permit quality drawings’ will be completed for presentation to the HPPD.  Allow 3 – 4 weeks for this preparation.

  9. HPPD review time is non-controllable; however, we perform our own plan routing, answering all comments from reviewers on a timely basis, following the current mayoral guidelines in place since November 2018.

  10. Upon issuance of the Building Permit the contractor can begin work.

  11. Contractor is responsible to secure all inspections, and perform all corrections identified by the building inspectors to secure occupancy by May 3rd 2024. Building management is to monitor contractor’s progress per plan.

  12. Or perform the design and the installation of both the water fire sprinkler system and update the fire alarm system to be completed for ‘Common Areas 20 floors +’ by May 3rd 2026; ‘Common Areas 10-19 floors’ by May 3rd 2028; but, in all cases the complete sprinkler system for the entire building to be completed by May 3rd 2030.

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